Trade Shows / Events- Powersports

Our client was new to the powersports industry and needed to launch a line of ATV's at an annual industry trade show and consumer event.  We implemented several pre, at, and after event digital solutions which resulted in a 500% increase in page views, a 1,000% increase in Facebook reach while generating over 40 new leads for new dealer set-ups.


Dealerships- Harley-Davidson Dealer

An IP Targeted sales campaign was implemented for this Harley-Davidson dealer which resulted in a 26% lift in units sales and 61% lift in profit. Their monthly sales increased 40% when their corresponding market was down -20%.  A definitive ROI was calculated at 252% while generating $37,351 in sales.


national home improvement retailer

A national brand that primarily works within the home improvement industry wanted to test the efficacy of IP Targeted Digital Advertising. This home improvement brand ran an IP Targeting campaign over 18 months to increase purchases by 33% with $1.9 Million increase in incremental sales and a 1065% Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).   


healthcare- Cloud-based software

A cloud-based technology company for medical image sharing needed to create product awareness with targeted audiences.  They implemented an IP Targeting strategy targeting clinics and the HCP Tradeshow in Chicago.  They achieved 60k impressions with 2x industry standard for CTR's for 71 people watching a video and 13 whitepaper downloads.     


healthcare- plastic surgery center

A Plastic Surgery and Medspa used an Household IP strategy and their existing mailing list to target women 35+ with an income of $100K in 10 zip codes. The campaign resulted in increased website traffic, phone calls, and 13 direct appointments for women who took the next step for a consultation. They now use updated IP targeting lists to target new clients. 


healthcare- doctor's office services

A doctor’s office that specializes in the treatment of varicose veins wanted to reach potential clients to sign up for a free screening.  Through a mobile conquest strategy which targeted women in upper income zip codes, their campaign had an overall CTR almost 10x the national average and a incredibly high "call-to-action" conversion rate of over 5%.


healthcare- non-profit donor program

The Colon Cancer Prevention Project (CCPP) is an independent nonprofit that typically uses direct mail outreach to connect with potential donors. After integrating Household IP Targeting to their campaign, conversions increased by 200%. Results were so dramatic that a staggering 95% of total dollars generated came from IP Targeted households. 


financial services- credit union loans

A local area Credit Union had a goal of increasing applications and loans with millennials. They implemented a targeted Facebook campaign and retargeting strategy- including close campaign management for a 3-month period.  They achieved 5x the national average CTR and loan values and margins increased by over 700% versus the same period the prior year.   


sporting events- college football

The University of North Carolina, an NCAA Division I school, wanted a new way to re-engage former season ticket holders for a football season renewal program. They tested Household IP Targeting vs a stand-alone email offer. The IP Targeted group was 39% more likely to renew their season tickets, and the campaign netted UNC a Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) of 2,609% 


sporting events- minor league baseball

The Louisville Bats, a Triple-A Minor League Baseball team, wanted to increase average game day attendance by using IP Targeting. By providing online ticket sales for a selected game, they determined a 22% lift in ticket sales was realized. Game attendance was estimated at 11,000- a 68% statistical improvement over the prior years average attendance of 7,500.