Digital Solutions for Tradeshows & Events

Event based targeting is becoming extremely popular among digital marketers, mainly because it gives you an opportunity to have a presence at the event, even without a physically being there. But event targeting is not a one-size fits all strategy. Depending on what is capturing event attendees’ attention, different digital tools should be utilized to effectively market your business.  

We use advanced technologies - like geo-framing and cookie-free IP address targeting - to help you reach targeted audiences and create more one-to-one engagements. Our innovative solutions connect offline events to online engagements...before, during, and after your events. The result?  A dramatic increase in brand awareness, generated leads, and an increase in measurable ROI.   

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Trade Show Solutions

Reach trade show audiences before your events, stand out in the crowd while there, and reach attendees afterwards with your brand / promotional message. Get prospects in your booth. Generate qualified leads from anywhere at the event. Our digital solutoins provide metrics for measurable trade show ROI. 

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Consumer event solutions

Large consumer events require a lot of time, budget and resources. Yet it can be hard to quantity the results for your efforts. Our advanced digital solutions for Consumer Events help you connect with your audiences before, during, and after your events- while providing metrics measurable event ROI.