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capture mobile device id's at targeted locations

Venue Retargeting uses our proprietary geo-framing technology to capture people’s mobile ID’s at events they attend, where they work, where they study and where they shop. We save the information from these high-value targets so you can reach the same audiences later on their mobile, work or home devices.  

Our geo-framing technology can go back in time up to capture mobile Device ID's from past events or locations. We then use data science and our patented process to match the collected mobile ID's with household and business IP addresses. This allows us to deliver targeted digital ads, after any event or time-frame, to the exact same audiences.  

Venue Replay Process.png

digital bullseye advantage  

There are many instances where a venue is target rich and it’s valuable for you to reach this audience when you can’t in other ways- without a lot of expense. Examples would be sporting and race events, healthcare conventions, industry trade shows, DT business districts, and competitive store locations.

Let’s say you’ve introduced a new product or want to run a targeted sales promotion. You'd like to reach your target audiences at a trade show or outdoor event. Venue Retargeting will capture mobile ID’s and match them with IP addresses so you can reach these same audiences with your message on their mobile, work, or home devices...for up to 6 months.

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