Apartment Dwellers & Home Renters

We have three unique database options for targeting Apartment Dwellers or Home Renters.  Our data can be used by local retailers or anyone business who offers products and services valuable for apartment dwellers and home renters. 

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We help you to use our data and lists for much more than direct mail and email marketing. In today's digital world, it can be more effective to connect with your targeted audiences online and through social media.

IP Targeting is the digital equivalent of direct mail, only much more efficient. We take the direct mail strategy but deliver targeted messages as banner, native or video ads on visited websites. Use our mailing lists to reach targeted households online, across all devices. Our data containing email & phone numbers can be used to reach the your target audiences on social media platforms- such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Twitter.  



You can select your Apartment Mailing List by specific apartment complex & by monthly rental amount using our newly updated Apartment Complex Database with over 90,000 individual apartment complexes throughout the country. These addresses are updated and delivered with the most recent NCOA Database from the USPS. 

Database pricing starts at $100.00 for all addresses in any 1 complex, $400 for any 5 complexes, and $650 for any 10 complexes. Please inquire about other volume discounts. 


APARTMENT & HOME RENTER data selection

We can provide current names & addresses of the Apartment Dwellers and Home Renters who reside in your area. This is useful for IP Targeted Advertising or for personalization of direct mail campaigns. 

You have the ability to select renter information by Age, Income, Presence of Children, Marital Status, Gender, Length of Residency & Dwelling Type.  There are hundreds of selections available, please contact us for additional options.

The Apartment Renter / Home Renter Mailing Lists start at any 1,000 Names & Addresses for $150.00, any 5,000 Names & Addresses for $475.00, any 10,000 Names & Addresses for $825.00 or any 20,000 for $1,250.00. Please inquire about other volume discounts. 

If you'd like to reach renters by telephone, we have over 3.5 Million Apartment Renters and Home Renters in the USA with DNC Scrubbed phones numbers. Addition of phone numbers are 2 cents per a record.  


APartment Selection by Geographic location

Our USPS Occupant Database contains over 30 Million Occupied Apartment Addresses & increases in volume every month as new apartment complexes are added to the file. This database is CASS-certified and is run through NCOA monthly to ensure that you are mailing to occupied apartment addresses only. 

You can select your desired apartment addresses by Zip Code, Carrier Route, or a Radius from a central address.