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Manufacturing | Industrial | B2B Distribution 

We have extensive business and marketing experience in Manufacturing and Industrial Equipment industries with B2B distribution channels.  

Our particular area's of our knowledge and expertise include: Food & Beverage CPG's, Window / Door & Construction, Composite / FRP Manufacturing (Marine, Transportation, Tub & Shower) and Fluid Handling Equipment for Industrial Sealants and Adhesives for Manufacturing and Assembly. 

Regardless of industry segments, industrial manufacturers and B2B distributors have need ways to differentiate themselves on criteria other than being the lowest cost provider during a bidding process.

MANUFACTURERS & Industrial Equipment Builders

Manufacturers with product-centric cultures must learn and adapt to how they do business in the age of the empowered customer. Our  combined capabilities meet at the intersection of strategy, people, and process. We help you implement business and marketing transformation to create the type of customer engagements which accelerate growth. 

We have the manufacturing B2B product marketing experience to help you develop effective brand and product positioning with dynamic go-to-market strategies which product results.


INDUSTRIAL Distributors 

Industrial distributors who use use a low-cost provider approach have slim profit margins with an unpredictable customer base.  The key to repeatable business with higher profitability is through developing a strong connection to your distributor brand.  Three ways this can be accomplished is through customized products, stand-out service, and customer training and after-sales support.

With an effective customer engagement strategy you have the opportunity to provide valuable information your customers needs to understand, operate, and maintain your products. In addition to training, service and after-sales care, a key part of your engagement should be the development of a Content / Inbound Marketing Strategy to provide relevant and useful information on a consistent basis.  

This type of engagement builds relationships in a way which just isn't possible with traditional advertising like mailers, billboards, TV ads, and print ads. An added benefit of modern digital marketing is it provides you the ability to track and measure your efforts so you can see an ROI on your marketing investments. We can show you how.

We use our industry knowledge to help you identify content and messaging for an integrated digital marketing strategy.  We have the industry experience to build a High RPM Marketing Machine for your business.