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“I’ve worked with Todd on multiple strategic projects.  Todd has provided industry leading consumer insight, strategic planning, and VOC research that ultimately led to innovative and successful sales programs and product development.”
– VP of Sales & Marketing

“Todd is a great person to have on your product leadership team. He combines strategic thinking with excellent leadership/communication skills. His extensive background in Market Research and ability to discover what the customer really desires greatly assisted engineering in delivering successful products.”
– VP of Global Technology   

“Todd has helped our team make evidenced-based decisions on product designs, product pricing, marketing verbiage and brand expression. Working with Todd allowed us to confidently launch products into the market that we knew would be successful based on his extensive research. He takes out a lot of the risk associated with launching product lines and new brands.”
– Marketing Manager

“I am amazed by Todd's creativity and expertise when it comes to marketing. He always had fresh, innovative ideas that could move the needle. I've seen his programs dramatically increase sales and market share at both the wholesale and retail levels.”
– National Sales Manager

“Todd is an absolute guru in regards to market research and his ability to understand the competition and form a strategy. I highly recommend Todd to any business who wants to increase their sales by better understanding their customers and effectively market to them.”
– Product Planning Manager

Business Leadership, Customer-Centricity

“I worked with Todd in when he was leading the charge for a more "customer-centric" culture at his company. Todd did an incredible job of selling his vision to executive management and getting the transformation started. He led a holistic effort from setting the vision, to redefining roles and processes to authoring an organizational restructuring.” 
– Organizational Effectiveness Consultant

“Todd is very passionate about his focus on the customer. While a lot of us were looking at the product, he would bring us back to what really mattered, the customer. Todd was willing to take risks and try new approaches. And he's a really pleasant guy to work with.”
– Product Training Manager  

“Todd has been instrumental in my personal development and passion for understanding marketing strategy. His diverse background and wealth of knowledge brings a tremendous amount of expertise and knowledge to the table. Todd is a true leader.”
– Engineering Manager

EMployee Engagement, Organizational effectiveness 

"While we were working on several high-profile projects, Bob was able to navigate organizational politics and remove roadblocks so that the project teams were able to focus on delivering high-quality deliverables to the business. His leadership style kept everyone energized and focused, which lead to great team morale and a positive attitude all-around. Outstanding performance!"
– Chief Information Officer

"I met Bob while conducting my High Performance Organisation (HPO) research at Archway. I was very impressed by Bob's commitment to quality and excellence and the results he had achieved at Archway. Therefore Bob 'landed' in my book "What Makes A High Performance Organization" (Global Professional Publishing, 2012) in the case study I wrote on Archway. And I still quote Bob during my presentations!"                                                                                                                  – Dr. Andre' de Wall (Author and Researcher)

"Bob is an inspiring leader and knows how to get the most out of the team. Bob's 'people acumen' is second to none. He has the ability to make an emotional connection... and coach. Bob is one of the best leaders I have ever had the pleasure to work with."
– VP of Operations and Supply Chain

"Bob is one of best leaders I've had the privilege to work for. He does everything that a good leader is supposed to do. He provides the vision and direction. He provides the resources and removes the barriers to make his team successful. Although he’s supportive of his people, he has a great sense for when he needs to step in for a course correction. Where ever he is, he makes the work environment better, and his teams are consistently successful."
– I.T. Manager

"Bob is one of the most inspirational leaders that I have ever had the privilege of working with and learning from. His relationship and team building skills makes him an executive that can take an organization 'from zero to sixty' and cross the finish line successfully.  A truly remarkable leader and person!"
– Senior Director