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IP Targeting is the digital equivalent of direct mail, only much more efficient. We take the direct mail strategy but deliver targeted messages as banner, native or video ads on visited websites.  

You provide us with a database of names and physical addresses, or our data scientists can provide targeted lists. We then use patented technology to match your lists to individual household or business IP addresses. We can isolate individual households and other locations to show variable display & video ads by a set of defined criteria.

And unlike direct mail, it’s not a one-time shot. You can reach your prospects with native, display or video ads 25-50 times a month. We utilize cross-device technology to deliver ads to all devices that have been connected to each specific IP address. A great way to multiply your reach with targeted audiences or spread your message to all at a particular location.

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THE ONLY 100% COOkie-free ip solution  

Other products can only target with cookies online. However, we are 100% cookie-free so we can vastly eliminate fraud and the threat of non-human traffic (bots). We can guarantee with 95% accuracy that your digital ads are being viewed by a real person. Our patent-pending approach to IP Targeting uses “lat-long” to target down to one square meter. Other IP Targeting products use clusters of 4 to 12 or more houses, which dilutes targeting accuracy to only 8-25%. Our superior approach results in virtually NO wasted impressions. This means more sales and better ROI for you for your campaign.

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better data. better targeting. Better results.

A successful IP Targeted advertising campaign requires physical addresses and other available personal data used for market segmentation and messaging.  We can start by using your valuable offline CRM data to help you connect with these same audiences online. 

However, our data scientists can also combine your existing data with national consumer databases and create custom audiences by using predictive modeling. This allows us to create "look-a-like" audiences to find the type of people that are MOST likely to purchase from you.  Better data. Better Targeting. Better Results. 

We use the most accurate and up-to-date national databases and lists to help you expand your prospecting and lead generation. Some examples include:

Our data and lists can also be used for targeting audiences through social media advertising. Emails and phone numbers can now be used to target people using ads and custom audiences- without having to worry about being CAN-SPAM compliant like through email!   Top social media platforms which can use our data include Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Twitter.  


Digital bullseye advantage: real roi & roas

Since our IP solutions targets real people in real households, we can provide a real ROI / ROAS based on sales- not metrics based on UTM codes and pixels. We can provide 100% accurate sales conversion data, all without the use of tracking pixels, form fills, and call tracking.  Click on any of the below icons to see more of our Digital Bullseye solutions.