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Your direct channel to targeted venues

Location IP Targeting allows you to target consumers or B2B clientele at locales such as trade shows, conventions, hotels, campuses, and airports. 

Location IP Targeting creates brand awareness and generate leads by reaching your targeted prospects where they work or at other venues they gather. After selecting desired locations, we use premium ad exchanges to serve digital ads on the websites your prospects visit while connected to the targeted Wi-Fi networks. 

Location Targeting Hotel.png

location Ip targeting examples  

The B2C use-cases for IP targeting campaigns are limitless. You could select trade show hotels to reach event attendees in their rooms to and drive them to your booth, target clinics or medical centers to create awareness of your healthcare industry products, engage students on college campuses for job recruiting, or target airports to reach business travelers. 

Examples of B2B use-cases may include targeting manufacturing plants to create a facility-wide awareness of how your products solve their problems. Or perhaps you want to target large engineering and architectural firms or government agencies with a message of why your products should be spec’d in their projects.   


Digital bullseye advantage: real roi & roas

Since our IP solutions targets real people in real households, we can provide a real ROI / ROAS based on sales- not metrics based on UTM codes and pixels. We can provide 100% accurate sales conversion data, all without the use of tracking pixels, form fills, and call tracking.  Click on any of the below icons to see more of our Digital Bullseye solutions.