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Expertise for the Powersports Industry   


powersports OEM brandS  

With over 20+ years' experience in Powersports we have comprehensive expertise in all aspects of the industry. From OEM business planning, product development and Go-to-Market launch strategies...to dealer network development and consumer promotions.

We have extensive experience in using market research and Voice-of-Customer (VoC) to develop successful products and marketing strategies for growth acceleration. With a comprehensive understanding of the motorsports consumer, we speak their language and understand their behaviors and lifestyles. Use our knowledge and experience to connect with your target audiences and grow your brand.  

E3 Marketing Group has over 20 years of experience in the power sports and manufacturing industries. We have worked with power sports brands such as Yamaha, Polaris, BRP, Arctic Cat, Ski-Doo, Fox Racing, Khrome Werks, and Rival Motorsports. 

Aftermarket MANUFACTURERS / Distributors


If you're an aftermarket manufacturer or distributor, we understand that meeting the demands of the powersports enthusiasts requires creativity and innovation in everything you do. Brand new product ideas, forward-thinking designs, and experiential marketing all play a part in your brand identity and the ability to connect with your customers.

A consistent development of new products can mean steady growth acceleration...but only if your target audiences like them enough to purchase. We can help to ensure new product success and avoid product flops with our expertise in identifying new product opportunities, customer tastes, undiscovered needs and pricing sensitivity.  

We can help you to eliminate risk of bringing a new product to market with our expertise in various Voice-of-Customer (VoC) methodologies such as customer research panels, Conjoint Analysis for product development, TURF Analysis for SKU optimization, and PSM surveys for testing customer price sensitivity.  

Once launched, we use advanced digital, mobile, and location marketing tools to help you increase brand awareness, optimize your events, and generate more sales.



Powersports DEALERS


Typically most Powersports dealers do a pretty good job at connecting with their customers through open houses, organized rides and by participation in other industry events.  

So why is it that one of the most common heard dealer complaints is "how do I prevent my customers from price-shopping and keep them loyal to doing business with me?" 

Building loyalty is continual process which can be helped by connecting with your customers online by providing them with useful and relevant information.  A Content / Inbound Marketing Strategy that will help keep you "top-of-mind" and also provide valuable information your customers need for your products and services.

This type of engagement builds relationships in a way which just isn't possible with traditional advertising like mailers, billboards, TV ads, and print ads. An added benefit of modern digital marketing is it provides you the ability to track and measure your efforts so you can see an ROI on your marketing investments. We can show you how.