Household Targeted Marketing Solutions

People are  actively looking for your products and services. From home services and home improvement to new places to dine, shop, and receive healthcare.  If you can reach your target audience and get them to buy from you, they are 90% more likely to become a repeat customer.

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Our Digital Bullseye Solutions- such as Household IP Targeting, Digital Canvassing, Mobile Location Marketing- provide smarter targeting through hyper-personalization. We combine precision geo-location knowledge of your targeted prospects with data science so you can reach hyper-targeted audiences across channels and devices.  


Digital Direct Mail for the internet- IP Targeting


Household IP Targeting is the digital equivalent of direct mail, only much more efficient. We take the direct mail strategy but deliver targeted messages as banner, native or video ads on visited websites. But unlike direct mail, it's not a one-time shot and you don't have to pay for printing and postage.

You can reach your prospects with native, display or video ads 25-50 times a month. We utilize cross-device technology to deliver ads to all devices that have been connected to each specific IP address. A great way to multiply your reach with targeted audiences or spread your message to all at a particular location.  

Our IP Targeting can use your CRM data for generating repeat business, or we can provide highly customized lists for growing your customer base with new customers.  We have some of the most accurate and up-to-date national databases available for Commercial & Home Property, Auto / Truck / RV Owners, Motorcycle / ATV / Boat Owners, and Healthcare / Medical Conditions.  

Digital Canvassing & New Mover Targeting

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Our New Mover Targeting solution uses our New Homeowner Database to allow you to reach people who are moving out of have just moved into their new home. This a great solution for home service providers as people clean, repair, and replace household items- in both old and new homes.  It also works great for local area businesses such as restaurants, stores, doctors, dentists, furniture stores, appliance stores, or any business whose products & services are in demand during the moving process or with new homeowners. 

Digital Canvassing is the result of combining our mapping and IP Targeting technologies. Similar to how a service company would hand out flyers to the nearby houses after performing a service, Digital Canvassing looks at the street name and relative distance of intersections to determine which houses to serve ads to.

You provide a list of names, addresses and zip codes of your existing clients, and we run it through our IP Algorithm. Our algorithm will identify the IP addresses of homes within the line of site of your clients households.


The house with the pin represents the house that was originally targeted. The RED HOUSES represent the additional houses that will be served ads, whereas the BLUE HOUSES are out of the area and will not receive ads.


Mobile & Location-Based Marketing

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Our Venue Retargeting solution captures people’s mobile ID’s where they live and work, where they shop, where they go to school, and at events they attend. We save the information from these high-value targets so you can reach the same audiences later on their mobile, work or home devices.  

By using our proprietary geo-framing technology we can go back in time up to one year to capture mobile devices from past events or locations. We then use data science and our patented process to match the collected mobile ID's with household and business IP addresses. This allows us to deliver targeted digital ads, after any event or time-frame, to the exact same audiences.  


Social Media & Email Marketing 

The most common digital marketing tools businesses use to reach existing customers or targeted prospects is social media and email marketing.  It's no wonder since they are cost effective and can reach select audiences. However, your reach is often limited by the size of your email lists (& Opt-ins), the number of people who "like" or "follow" your page, and the platform's ability to select the exact "real-world" people you'd like to reach.


We can help you to dramatically expand your reach and connect with relevant prospects with our comprehensive national databases and lists. Our highly targeted databases containing opt-in emails and phone numbers can be used for email campaigns and by social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, & Twitter. Since our information is based on offline data for "real" people (ie not online cookie-based behavioral tracking) we can segment and customize lists for a high degree of personalization for your email and social media campaigns.