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Geo-targeting and data science for true one-to-one marketing


Our Digital Bullseye solutions use patented technology, data insights, and innovative ad-tech to produce amazing results. We take CRM and captured mobile data to find your target customer’s IP addresses to deliver hyper-targeted banner and video ads online- all without the use of cookies.  Since our IP solutions are 100% cookie-free, we vastly eliminate fraud and the threat of non-human traffic (bots). Know that your digital ads are being viewed by a real person. 


Target Real people in real households  

Our IP Targeting solutions match physical locations to IP addresses for precise target audiences. We can scale your targeting all the way down to the individual household or building. Our patented technology matches customer and prospect lists with IP addresses at the router level for a 95% or greater confidence level.  This means we can deliver accurate, tailored messages for real people for true one-to-one marketing.


The 100% cookie-free solution to website retargeting

The most common form of digital advertising, website retargeting (also called remarketing) is cookie-based. While cookie retargeting is timely, specific, and behavior-based, there are some pretty big drawbacks that can be solved with IP Targeting.

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Digital bullseye advantage: real roi & roas

Since our IP solutions targets real people in real households, we can provide a real ROI / ROAS based on sales- not metrics based on UTM codes and pixels. We can provide 100% accurate sales conversion data, all without the use of tracking pixels, form fills, and call tracking.