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Geo-targeting and data science for true one-to-one marketing

Marketing and lead generation in the digital age requires you reach your target markets online. That's why digital adverting spend is expected to see double-digit growth through 2021 (eMarketer). However, according to 2017 ANA research, brands were set to lose $6.5 Billion in online digital display advertising spend due to non-human traffic (bots). Also, your cookie-based online ads can be blocked by software or not served due to browser histories erased. 

Our Digital BullseyeTM solutions use patented technology and data insights for a hyper-targeted marketing approach with PROVEN RESULTS. We can vastly eliminate fraud and the threat of non-human bot traffic. Ad blocking software or deleted cookies do not affect our campaign performance. Your online banner, video and native ads will reach real people, across all devices, at a 95% or greater confidence level. 


Use our 100% COOKIE-FREE IP TARGETED advertising to reach real people in households or businesses at the router level. Our cross-channel solutions allow you to reach real people- at home, at work, or on the go. 

Our GEO-FRAMING TECHNOLOGY captures mobile device ID's from past events and locations- such as trade shows, concerts, business districts, campuses, sporting events and more. We then use data science to match captured mobile ID's with IP addresses- to deliver targeted digital ads, after any event or time-frame, to the exact same audiences.  

We can take your offline CRM DATA to deliver hyper-targeted banner, native and video ads online- across all devices- all without the use of cookies. Our approach eliminates wasted ad impressions, reaches more people, and gets higher response rates than other forms of digital and direct-response advertising. Our campaigns are typically 50-100x more targeted than television and radio, and 6-60x more effective than other online ads. 


STOP Paying for impressions no one sees. reach real people  

Once IP addresses are entered into our platform, you can begin reaching real people in real households. We deliver your online ads across all devices that are actively connected to the in-home or building Wi-Fi service. When the connected person visits any one of the millions of publishers in our vast network of ad exchanges, your ad will be triggered to display. Deliver accurate, tailored messages to your best potential customers for true one-to-one marketing.

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the problem with cookie-based retargeting

In addition to bots and non-human traffic, cookie-based advertising has other drawbacks. Website retargeting (also called remarketing) is the the most common form of digital advertising and it's cookie-based.  Digital advertising also relies on a person's browser history for ad targeting. However, cookies can be blocked and browser histories erased. Since our IP Digital Advertising solutions are 100% cookie-free and use real offline customer data, ad blocking software or deleted cookies do not affect our campaign performance. 

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Digital bullseye advantage: real roi & roas

Since our IP solutions targets real people in real households, we can provide a real ROI / ROAS based on sales- not metrics based on UTM codes and pixels. We can provide 100% accurate sales conversion data, all without the use of tracking pixels, form fills, and call tracking.  Click on any of the below icons to see our Digital Bullseye solutions.