ABM for Recruitment & Employer Branding

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is an approach that targets a single location (i.e. industry even, company or campus) or group of locations with personalized outreach. This is in contrast to traditional inbound marketing which focuses on broad messaging for individual leads.  ABM enables you to focus your marketing and recruiting efforts on the locations that matter the most.  


Truck Driver Recruitment

Truck Stop Geo-Fence.png

The employment market for truck drivers is hyper-competitive.  It seems everybody is in need of drivers and are always looking for more.

Our advanced solutions can give you a leg up over your competition. We can geo-frame truck stops, truck terminals and service centers to serve up mobile and home device digital ads to drivers who have been at selected locations.

Or use our Trade Show and Event Solutions can be used pre, at, and post event to reach drivers at key industry events such as the Mid America Trucking Show (MATS), Great America Trucking Show, and the Iowa 80 Trucker's Jamboree.      

We also have a comprehensive database of over 1.5 Million Class 8 Owner-Operators and Truck Fleet Owners.  You can use custom order a list for your driver recruitment needs.  Our data can be used for IP-Targeted Digital Ads, Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing. Please contact us to see how we can development a unique driver recruitment strategy for you.   


employee Recruitment solutions

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Through our Location IP Targeting, Venue Retargeting, and Facebook Audience Network solutions, we give you the ability to target company headquarters, manufacturing plants, hospitals, college campuses, etc. Reach influencers and decision-makers with your message- at work, at home and on their mobile phones.   

Generate awareness and interest at targeted locations. Get in front of your target audiences at work or home. Let them know you understand their pain-points. Reach people who are not necessarily looking for a job or people not on the job boards. Peak their interest, and then drive traffic to your website for more information or employer-branded videos.


Healthcare professional Recruiting


Recruitment needs for the Healthcare Industry is at an all-time high.  Your  ability to connect with targeted medical professional audiences is key to your success. Our ABM and Geo-Targeting solutions allow you reach targeted audiences at industry conferences and key locations you select. 

Do you need more ways to reach select professionals? We can supply the most accurate and comprehensive Medical Professional Database available, fully compliant with all HIPPA laws. Our database contains over 40 identified professional titles and 9 million contact records. Combine our lists with our geo-targeting solutions to reach exact audiences for your recruitment efforts.