Account-Based Marketing

By using only traditional inbound marketing practices (demand gen), B2B marketers implement a “one size fits all” approach with their campaigns to reach many companies in their target markets.  Account Based Marketing (ABM) is a B2B marketing strategy that focuses on targeting high-value accounts (i.e. specific companies) with personalized campaigns and outreach. Account-based marketing can be successful at growing B2B businesses by allowing them to reach a wider range of influencers, decision-makers and prospects with client-specific messages. 

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According to ITSMA, nearly all B2B solution providers that measure ROI on ABM strategies find that ABM delivers higher ROI than other marketing initiatives. And Marketo says that 85% of B2B marketers say ABM provides significant benefits to retain and expand client relationships.

Through our Location IP Targeting, Venue Retargeting, and Facebook Audience Network solutions we give you the ability to generate awareness and demand throughout targeted accounts. Get in front of a prospects before approaching them with a pitch. Let influencers know you understand their needs and pain points. Peak interest of your targeted audiences, and then drive traffic to your website for more information. We can help you to reach a wide-range of prospects, more efficiently, with the right message at the right time.

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ABM for manufacturers

Our Location IP / Venue Retargeting and other products give you the ability to target specific companies, large distributors and integrators, architectural and engineering design firms, government agencies, municipalities, etc. Generate awareness and demand for your products throughout your targeted accounts.

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ABM for Healthcare / Pharma

Our Location IP / Venue Retargeting and FAN Geo-Targeting products let you reach doctors and nurses at clinics, target hospitals to create awareness of your products, or reach key audiences at health care industry conventions. Generate awareness and demand for your products throughout your targeted accounts and locations.