available data for marketing campaigns 

  • IP Targeted Digital Ads / Direct Mail- Over 211 million names and addresses of automobile, pick up truck and SUV owners in almost 114 million households throughout the U.S.
  • Email Marketing / Social Media Marketing- Over 69 million email addresses of vehicle owners
  • Telemarketing / Social Media Marketing Over 6 million DNC scrubbed land lines of vehicle owners, 1.6 million landline phones not on the DNC database, and 8.6 million mobile phones not on the DNC list.

How our data can be used

  • Household IP Targeting for online ads
  • Facebook / Instagram Custom Audience
  • Facebook / Instagram Lookalike Audience
  • Twitter Tailor Audiences
  • Google Customer Match
  • Direct Mail Marketing
  • Telemarketing
  • Email Marketing (All emails are run through an Email Validation Process to insure 99%+ deliverability before distribution to our customers at no additional cost)

Available Data / selection criteria 

  • Vehicle Manufacturer / Type / Class / Model / Model Year
  • Engine Size & Fuel Type
  • Purchased New or Used 
  • Leased Vehicles
  • Odometer Mileage Reading
  • Purchased with or without a lien
  • Vehicle Title Date and Year of Issue
  • Date vehicle record added to database
  • Owner Info:  Address, Age, Income, Dwelling Size, Homeowner vs Renter, Length of Residency

Possible Marketing Uses

  • New and used car dealers
  • Owners who may need service work
  • Owners who may want to purchase aftermarket parts and accessories
  • Selling of extended warranties
  • Dealer targeting for vehicle upgrades and trade-ins
  • Notification of recalls and defects
  • Many more

Types of automotive Lists Available

  • Monthly Vehicle Ownership Transfer File:  A monthly compilation of vehicle transfer of ownership. Typically 9-11 million records a month. Available for flat one time fee or reduced price for annual subscription to receive monthly updates.  
  • Leased Vehicles: We can provide the most accurate NON-CREDIT BUREAU SOURCED Leased Vehicle Data currently available.  Currently we show over 2 million Vehicle Lease Expirations ending this year. The Lease Expiration Data is available with names and addresses of vehicle lessees who are coming up on the expiration of their auto lease. We have validated email addresses for about 50% of our postal list. Our vehicle lease information is not sourced from Credit Bureaus, so no mail piece approval process or mail piece guidelines are required.  
  • Current Auto Shoppers: We can identify current vehicle shoppers who are in the vehicle shopping phase but have not purchased or traded in their current vehicle. Database is refreshed and updated every month and typically has over 10 million shoppers each month.
  • First Out Automotive Data: Weekly Hotline and Monthly Hotline postal data of new automobile, SUV and pick up truck owners who have just recently purchased their vehicles
  • Auto Data with Email and Auto Data Email Appends: Of the over 211 million auto owners on our Auto Direct Mail File with Postal Information, we have almost 69 million email addresses available for Email Marketing (Auto Owner Email Counts). 
  • Blue Book Value Appends: Blue Book Value is a consumer driven vehicle value. We can add Current Blue Book Values to your Automotive Direct Mail List- incorporating Vehicle Year, Make, Model, the Mileage, VIN, as well as the Region based on the zip code.  The Data elements are then run through proprietary software to calculate the value of each vehicle on your list. Also included are vehicle ratings based on Blue Book Vehicle Condition Descriptions (Rough to Average to Clean). 
  • Black Book Value Appends:  The Black Book Value is a dealer driven vehicle value. The Black Book Valuation deals with wholesale values and uses most up to date Auto Sales Information. As the Blue Book Valuation, the Black Book Algorithm method incorporates the Vehicle Year, Make, Model, Mileage, VIN, as well as the Region to produce a range of estimated vehicle values. The values added will be the Retail Value, and then the trade-in values ranging from Fair to Good, to Very Good, to Excellent. 
  • Companies with Fleets of Vehicles:  Over 1 million companies available for selection by number of vehicles, type of vehicles in fleet, or company type.
  • Antique Vehicle Owners: Over 4.3 million Pre-1980 domestic vehicles and 560,000 Pre-1980 imported vehicles. Vehicle purchase and sale information are updated monthly and includes NCOA.

why buy our lists?

Our National Automotive Direct Mail List is the premier source of automotive data for Online Digial Markeing, Direct Mail Marketing, Telemarketing and Email Broadcasting. Our Automotive Database is updated weekly from title changes, purchase and sale information. An average of 1.5 million Vehicle Owner Records are either updated or added every month and an NCOA is completed on the entire database once every month. The numbers will fluctuate as the regular updates occur and new sources are added. Please contact us for current automotive count information.

All of our Automotive Counts & Automotive Data Files are in Full Compliance with the Drivers Privacy Protection Act as well as the Shelby Law. Our Data is also in Full Compliance with The CAN-SPAM Act, the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLB), the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) & the Telecommunications Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).

compilation methods / Data sources

We use a variety of Data Sources when building and updating our database. Some of the main Data Sources listed below.

  • Point of Sale and Service Data
  • Transactional Data Sources
  • New and Used Vehicle Sale Information
  • Automobile Warranty Data Sources
  • Aftermarket repair facilities
  • Insurance Information from various Insurance Companies
  • Automotive Lien Data reported from Credit Bureaus
  • Self-Reported Data obtained from National online Surveys as well Telephone Surveys
  • Some Automotive Dealership Groups contribute Purchase Information
  • Service Transaction Records
  • After Service work Surveys

Terms of use

Before using any of our data products, customer will be provided with a Data Terms of Use Agreement. When using non-DNC Land Lines, Cell Phone Information or Email Data, the Terms of Use information will have to be thoroughly reviewed and agreed to in writing through our Data Terms of Use Agreement.