available data for marketing campaigns

Our extensive RV database has over 2.9 million physical addresses (probable owners) 

  • Motorhomes (229,163)
  • Class A Diesel (85,257)
  • Class A Gas (195,477)
  • Class B (8,256)
  • Class C (187,189)
  • Fifth Wheel (593,598)
  • Camping Trailer (347,065)
  • Travel Trailer (1,281,787)

How our data can be used

Available Data / selection criteria 

  • Manufacturer
  • Year Range
  • RV Class
  • State
  • Radius
  • County
  • Zip Code

Possible Uses for our Data

  • RV Dealerships
  • RV Repair facilities
  • RV Consignment companies
  • RV Accessories
  • RV Storage facilities
  • RV Leasing companies
  • Many more

compilation methods / Data sources

Our RV Owner Data is compiled mainly through Point of Sale Transaction Data and it is supported with Shelby Compliant State Government Data. 

Terms of use

Before using any of our data products, customer will be provided with a Data Terms of Use Agreement. When using non-DNC Land Lines, Cell Phone Information or Email Data, the Terms of Use information will have to be thoroughly reviewed and agreed to in writing through our Data Terms of Use Agreeement.